Transformational Tidings Monthly Book Club

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Throughout history there has been division. Political division, spiritual division, left, right, sun, moon, good, evil are all examples of differences. Lately, however, all this polarization has gone too far. Fighting each other is not helping us at all. In fact, it’s only driving us further apart. I want us to come back together, to find similarities, to nurture our hearts. I want to find the commonalities and explore how we are the same. More importantly, I want to create a plan on how to melt the polarization and regenerate our planet, our culture, and ultimately our future.

That’s why I’m starting a monthly book club. I’m calling it Ted’s Transformational Tidings. It’s all about understanding our inner most world, exploring our spiritual journey, and ultimately helping heal ourselves and our planet. You can stay updated by signing up for the email here:

Over 2 decades ago, I began my spiritual journey. I would immerse myself in spiritual texts, go to meditations, workshops, chants, visit gurus, and anything that might shed some light on finding inner peace during this lifetime. I had some moments, but nothing truly sustainable.

I’m sure it’s why I evolved into teaching yoga for a living. The word yoga in Sanskrit means to yoke the ego self with the god self. To take that a step further, it means becoming one with your higher self. It is the way of compassionate beings. It’s the way of Christ, Buddha, and so many others who’ve walked this path.

Join us monthly for our spiritual, heart centered discussions! Hope to see you there!

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