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Have you ever set a huge goal for yourself, later to find that you conveniently forgot about it or justified your way out of accomplishing it? Was it your first sprint triathlon, a 10k or maybe a marathon or the epic Ironman triathlon? Was it that big adventure like climbing Mt. Whitney or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Well, me too! I’ve been there. I’ve made excuses, put off goals, and justified my way out of accountability. It took me 10 years from the time I set a goal to do an Ironman to actually do an Ironman! We’ve all done it. It’s not the easiest thing to do with life coming at us a million miles a minute. My eyes were often times bigger than my stomach, but I’ve found a path forward and you can too!

With a little bit of focus, courage, commitment, and consistency, you can cross that finish line and you can reach that mountain top! I will help you get there!

Whether it’s the big Ironman, the Leadville 100, Mt. Kilimanjaro, or anything in between. If I haven’t been there, I’m confident that I have the ability to help you get there!

My coaching philosophy is simple. I want my athletes to cross their finish line or reach their mountain top uninjured and with a huge smile!

To start working together, we’ll set up a quick chat to make sure we’re the right fit. That’s free of charge. The initiation fee is $199. That includes my initial assessment, your goals, creating a program for you, and doing all my homework to get us going. It will include a training plan if necessary.

Then there are 3 options for a monthly Endurance Coaching. I recommend you commit to at least 6 months, but on rare situations or if training for a specific race I will work with clients for less time.
Silver: $99.99/mo – includes 1 weekly email/text check-in on your workouts and modified training sessions if needed.
Gold: $249.99/mo – includes all of Silver plus, up to 5 weekly check-ins, up to 5 training plan adjustments and a monthly 60min Zoom semi/private session to make sure you’re on track. That session can be broken up into 2-3 shorter sessions if desired. i.e. a weekly 15-20min call.
Platinum: $999.99/mo – includes all of Gold plus unlimited check-ins, bi-monthly private sessions for yoga, meditation, mindset coaching, fitness, nutrition, swim, bike fit, run technique, diet plan, sleep tracking, HRV, bloodwork, genetics analysis, and more! All lab work and tracking device costs are separate.

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