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Ted is a regular speaker and leader in the wellness space. Here are a few examples of what he can offer your company, group, or conference. Each talk comes with a pdf takeaway so audience members can begin implementing steps to immediately improve their lives.  

Speaking Topics:

Creating Your Personalized Plan of Optimum Health – There are many elements to creating a life of optimum health. In this talk, Ted shares his plan on eating better, doing regular exercise, decreasing stress levels, improving sleep, and living a life full of joy, love, and adventure.

Presenting for VEGA at Expo West

Overcoming Adversity – Coming from a home riddled with addiction, Ted shares his struggles growing up, his experience doing ultra distance races, and how to use the principles he’s learned to overcome anything.

Reversing Insulin Resistance – After bloodwork revealed an insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) diagnosis, Ted buckled down, got rid of simple sugars, stopped eating unhealthy snacks, and through diet and lifestyle changes, reversed his insulin resistance diagnosis. In this talk, he shares his experience and how you can improve your nutritional intake.

Building a Mindfulness and Meditation Practice at Home and at Work – In our world of information overload and high speed everything, there is a great opportunity to reconnect with a deeper sense of wisdom inside. In this experiential talk and guided meditation, Ted shares tips to stay mindful at work, with food, family, and more.

Wellness/Fitness Sessions: 

Yoga – After 20 years of teaching yoga, Ted can create a session geared toward your group. Either a power yoga session getting people to sweat or a Yin yoga session for folks to de-stress.

HIIT – The science behind High Intensity Interval Training is overwhelmingly great! It doesn’t take much to get your heart rate up and keep you healthy. Ted has created a full body HIIT routine that can last 15-75 minutes. This is a tough workout that participants will be sore after, but it’s that good kind of soreness!

HIIT & Yoga – This is a great combination of some intensity and some restoration. At 45-60 minutes, half of the time is dedicated to fitness while the other half is dedicated to stretching and mindfulness.

Meditation & Mindfulness – From yoga teacher trainings to gurus to Eckhart Tolle to the Dalai Lama, Ted has learned multiple forms of meditation. In this talk he shares his experiences of struggling to begin a meditation practice and offers an array of different techniques for any to use and improve their mental state.

Sharing about Endurance and Overcoming Obstacles

For inquiries or if you’re ready to book Ted for your event, email assistant @ teddymcdonald.com for availability.

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