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Thank you for visiting my shop page. All the products and services below are recommended and endorsed by me. Either I use them and/or have used them and firmly believe in the integrity of the product for our well being! Full disclosure, I do receive commission on some of the products and services, but as I mentioned, I would not promote anything I didn’t believe in!

If you are new to my website and the world of optimizing health, welcome! I would recommend you begin by getting your InsideTracker blood work and your 23andme genetics test. That will give you a great read out of what lies beneath your fantastic good looks, haha!!

From there, you can order some Superfood shakes, Sports drinks, and more!

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Testing – Blood/Genetics:
Inside Tracker – Blood work for the athletic minded and for those looking to live a long, healthy, vibrant life!

23andMe – Genetic testing for those interested in understanding what predispositions you may have along with reports on what to do about them.

Shakeology – Your daily superfood shake co-created by Darin Olien from Netflix’s Down to Earth with Zach Efron.

Beachbody Performance Line
Energize: Your Pre-workout drink
Hydrate: Your during workout drink (especially great for endurance athletes)
Recover: Your post workout protein shake
Recharge: Your before bed protein shake.

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