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Improving fitness, nutrition, serenity, and productivity levels… one person at a time.

Why We Do What We Do:
Have you ever had a moment in your life when you knew you wanted to be stronger? More fit? More serene? Have you ever thought, “Why am I eating this (or drinking that), when I know it’s bad for me?” We all have! The statistics are overwhelming, most people are out of shape even though we all know what to do to improve!

As a corporation, you know that the productivity of your employees is directly related to how they feel. If they come to work excited their life, they perform better. If they’re feeling down, eating too much sugar, or feel unsupported, the opposite happens. The happier, healthier, and stronger you can make your employees, the better your bottom line. Studies show that for every dollar you spend on making your employees better, you’ll get $3-6 ROI.

What We Do:

Plan A – Onsite services

Fitness, Yoga, Stress Reduction, Meditation, Nutrition
The simplest plan is to have at least 1 session per week.

Plan B – Onsite & Virtual Services
Health coaching, Fitness coaching, Goal Setting, Meditation Training
Training Plans for races including charity fundraising for triathlons, 10ks, half marathon, or century rides, and more.
Monthly engagement goals, weight loss goals, we can guide you along, make sure your employees feel supported and well taken care of.

Plan C – Onsite, Virtual, & Offsite Events & Services
Plan A, Plan B, plus offsite planning & coordination of corporate & executive retreats including
half day, full day, and multi-day events such as surf & paddle board lessons, guided hikes, guided bike rides (road or mountain), orienteering courses, adventure races, and more!
Corporate Challenges & Incentive programs.

Wellness programs are proven to work when three things are present:
1. Buy in from Leadership
2. Well thought out incentives
3. A great training plan that includes accountability.

What You Can Do:
Allow us to improve the culture of your company by bringing health and well-being to the top of mind for all those involved. We will transform your business getting everyone excited about staying fit, working hard, and ultimately living the best life possible! That will only result in a better quality of life for your employees and an increased bottom line for your business.

Corporate Wellness is no longer a “nice to have,” it’s a must have. You know what it’s like when everyone is enthusiastic, healthy, happy and productive. Your business culture is awesome, morale goes up, productivity increases, and yes so does your revenue.

How Our Program Works:
Step 1 – Employee Intake, Assessment, & Fit Test

We ask all participants to fill out a short basic questionnaire evaluating themselves and their overall well-being. The 3 main categories are Fitness, Nutrition & Stress.

We then do a fit test to see what the actual truth is regarding their fitness levels. This test includes resting heart rate, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, etc. This gives us a baseline and shows us where we can improve


Step 2 – Set individual goals
Goals are more achievable when you set them! Typically the goals can be weight loss (we encourage a specific number when possible), better sleep, getting stronger, training for a 10k, etc. We start off in a general sense to make sure people are engaged in the program, then we get more specific and increase their programs as they show results and enthusiasm. Also, as we get to know people better, we’ll understand their strengths and weaknesses and tailor their programs accordingly.

We get as many people as possible tracking their progress through Fitbit, Apple Watch or some other tracking device. This is key for virtual coaching and more accurate than self-reporting.

Step 3 – Program Creation

After a short discussion about goals, we’ll create a monthly workout/eating/stress reduction program for each one. Obviously, the idea is to get people engaged in their own health, well-being, and happiness. As an employer, if you can have a positive influence in this way you could not only change the persons life, but their entire family will benefit!

From elite athletes to couch potatoes, we will create a program individually designed for each person. We believe this is the best way to yield success, happiness, and employee retention.

Step 4 – Weekly follow-ups

We do a weekly check in with each person making sure they are meeting and hopefully exceeding their goals. This is a simple email exchange with everyone. It takes just a couple of minutes, but it allows us to track everyone’s progress and adjust accordingly.

Step 5 – Monthly re-assessments and course correction toward success!

We re-assess goals on a monthly basis and keep the communication up so people feel supported in the program. We believe a successful program has to be fluid. Life also has unknown challenges that come up. We take it all into consideration because while a general program works, an individualized plan multiplies success.

Some people will get on the program and hit a home run. They will lose weight, start eating better, feeling amazing, sleeping 7+ hours per night, and more! While others will avoid the program all together or get excited to begin and loose steam after a few weeks.

We look forward to helping you help others!

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