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Yoga is my medicine – come take class with me!

Welcome to 2024! I can’t believe we are so far in the future from when I was just a little kiddo, but there are no flying cars. Yet, anyway. There is, however, a continuous movement to explore the innermost worlds. As crazy as this world gets with wars, climate, natural and man-made disasters, pandemics, and …

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Your Mindful Adventure to Grand Canyon Awaits…

It’s those big epic experiences that I love. It’s the highlight reel of our life that we create on a daily basis. What does your highlight reel look like? Mine includes, of course, my marriage to my incredible wife, my amazing funny, smart, and rambunctious children and my friends and extended family. Those are the …

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Transformational Tidings Monthly Book Club

Throughout history there has been division. Political division, spiritual division, left, right, sun, moon, good, evil are all examples of differences. Lately, however, all this polarization has gone too far. Fighting each other is not helping us at all. In fact, it’s only driving us further apart. I want us to come back together, to …

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