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What Does ‘Health Span’ Mean?

I looked it up and you might be surprised.  Last week I decided to look up a couple of terms: longevity and health span. After all, I want to live a long time and my job is helping people live longer while improving their quality of life. i.e. health span. What I learned about those …

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The Quarantine Yoga Studio

Hi friends, A quick update for you. As many of you know, our lovely Malibu studio, 5 point yoga, has been shut down during the “Safer at Home” orders. We all need to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. It is working, so please stay safe! …

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Time to Move!

Hello friends! Welcome to my website. I’ll be sharing all things health, longevity, endurance, mindfulness, and more! Feel free to leave comments, sign up for a course and join the conversation of how to live long, stay strong, and be happy! Join the movement! Ready to feel young and stay strong…forever?! Me too! Sign up …

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