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Ted McDonald is a wellness expert, endurance athlete, yoga teacher, coach, and entrepreneur. He’s been helping people become better versions of themselves for almost 2 decades. From Tom Petty to Tour de France cyclists, from stressed out moms to stressed out CEOs, and from young kids to the elderly, he continues to help a wide range of humans become healthier and happier, while living a stronger more fulfilled life.

Ted founded a boutique travel company, Adventure Yoga Retreats, where he guides people around the world in a healthy way while contributing to less fortunate communities and children. He also founded 5 point yoga, the premiere yoga studio in Malibu. Ted co-created P90X:2 and P90X:3 yoga routines, as well as, Beachbody’s 3 Week Yoga Retreat, of which an informercial is currently airing on televisions across the US and Canada. He is a legacy ambassador for lululemon and a featured teacher on BeachbodyOnDemand, Curious, and YogaVibes.

Ted recently launched TeamWRx, a corporate wellness company and has been working with companies such as lululemon, Jessica Alba’s Honest Co., Dun & Bradstreet, Kuvera Partners, Drobny Capital, Clocktower Group, BOND Capital and more.

He practices what he preaches and competes in marathons, triathlons, and trail races. He has completed the famed Leadville 100 mountain bike race multiple times and ran the 4 day Inca trail in under 8 hours. This year, he set his sights on completing the ultimate triathlon: the Ironman, and finished in the top 20% overall.

He can be reached by emailing ted [at] teddymcdonald.com.

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