Life is Made of Moments

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Which ones are you creating? 

My family and I recently returned from an epic road trip. We drove 2885 miles from start to finish. We started at home in Los Angeles, headed to the Grand Canyon, then up to Moab, on to Denver, Steamboat Springs, Boulder, Telluride, and finally Sedona before driving home. While that may seem like a lot of driving, the fact that we have a 2 year old and a 5 and a half year old makes it a tad bit more interesting. 

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

There were so many amazing moments that we had on the trip and I was continually struck by the beauty of our incredible countryside. I realized over and over that our two little kiddos (and my wife and I) will look back on this trip and reminisce about all the good times. The hiking, the driving, the bad avocados, the great snacks, and curated toy surprises along the drive (thank you to my lovely wife!). The pools at the hotel, the waterfalls, more hiking, the friends we made along the way, and so much more. 

What makes your life great? The people you spend time with? The places you visit? The experiences you have? The memories you create? Our answer: all of the above. And the truth is that each day there are moments. You don’t have to drive thousands of miles or visit beautiful National Parks. All you have to do is look around you. Take it in. Life is happening now. In the moment, every day. This is your reminder not to miss it. 

Arches National Park, Utah, USA

Here are a few things you can do to remind yourself that the so-called mundane is just as beautiful as Mother Nature’s gifts. 

1 – Pause and listen. There are so many sounds from our everyday life that sometimes we take it all for granted. Listen to the wind rustling the tree in your backyard. 

2 – Look. Really take in your surroundings. The plants, the grass, the birds, the squirrels, the trees, the people. Take a moment, be in your life. Now. This moment. How does it feel? 

3 – Reflect. Once you take in some moments, listen to the wind, see the beauty in the mundane, it’s in the vault of your mind. Don’t lose it and remember to give it a small nod of gratitude. It’s important to appreciate what and who is around you. 

So often people are looking to change their situation and surroundings that they miss the beauty that is right under their noses. I implore you to take in that beauty, regardless of how you feel, it’s right there and living in the moment, appreciating all that’s around you, will make you feel better! 

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