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Got Tax Stress?

5 exercises to help deal with tax preparation.  “Taxes and Death, the only things that are guaranteed in life,” that’s what they told us! It’s a pretty pessimistic viewpoint considering there is breath, experience, human connection, love, emotions, exploration, ice cream and so much more. However, I understand that taxes can be stressful. If you’re…


The Mindful Athlete

6 ways to get more out of your life and exercise. New Year’s has come and gone. Maybe you’re still hanging in there with your diet and fitness resolutions… and maybe you’re not quite as committed as you thought you might be. Maybe you’re making those excuses. “Well, I know I’m committed and I know…

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Why Do You Lie To Yourself?

10 ways to avoid breaking your own rules and stop settling for less.  How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m not going to eat that desert,” or “I’m definitely going to workout today,” or “I’m absolutely going to do something special for my spouse?” I have many times, and though I’m much better…